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Highland Khakasia

When you hear the word Siberia you cannot but imagine a snow-covered land among impenetrable forest usually called taiga.

It is really so. In many respects Siberia is a terra incognita.

We offer you a chance to see a tiny part of this unknown and wild nature Siberia located in the very center of Asiatic continent called highland Khakasia.

 The nearest International Airport Абакан is situated 3378 km (2099  miles) from  Moscow and you will cover this distance by air  in 4 hours.

Then you will have an unforgettable car  trip along the steepes to alpine grasslands, incredibly beautiful mountains covered by impassable forest and mountain lakes with crystal-clear water.

Highland Khakasia is a southern region of the Republic of Khakasia  the unique corner of still really virginal and wild nature

While going to the highland Khakasia you can visit museum of handicrafts  located in a stylized hunter’s hut.